A Rainbow Flag is Not Just For Gay Pride

The Rainbow flag is a symbol of pride for gay and lesbian people. In many parts of the world it is used as a sign of pride. It has become an iconic symbol in our society. Its colorful history, from its introduction into World War II to the present day, is filled with symbolism and importance. It symbolizes diversity, love, pride, and hope.

Pride Flag History


Designed by artist Gilbert Baker in 1969. Made of heavy fabric. 100% nylon. Sewn weaved stripes. Combination of polyester canvas and brass grommet hardware.


Most commonly found in American and Canadian sub-national organizations. Often used on pride flags, national flags, government buildings, and on donations. The colors range from red to orange to green with alternating white and blue. You may also see a white rainbow on the flags of Switzerland and Mexico.

When shopping for your rainbow flag you will find that they come in many different sizes and colors. They are usually easily printed using computer-generated printers. The flag can also be embroidered, embossed, or silk-screened. The use of these methods makes the rainbow flag very colorful. There are also different types of materials available.


One type of material that is not always used is vinyl. Vinyl is a poor printing medium, especially when you are dealing with very vivid colors. They also fade quickly. Silk screening, a process used to print on cotton is also another way to prevent fading, but this procedure also uses the fibers of the fiber, which are slowly losing their color.

As mentioned earlier, the symbolism of the rainbow flag is most clear when compared to the flag for gay pride in New York. A rainbow flag is also a symbol of love and acceptance that is seen commonly in gay weddings. When you look at a rainbow flag, you will notice that the colors are different hues and streaks of the rainbow. You can’t help but think about love and compassion.

There are many places that display these rainbow colors on their buildings. For instance, the State Department displays the rainbow colors on their website. They have also created a page dedicated to gay pride where people can openly discuss the rainbow colors and what they represent. The Department of Interior even posted the definition of a rainbow at their web site.


Gay pride events often include a banner displaying the flag as well. If your school or church is planning an upcoming gay pride event, it is a good idea to make sure the flag is displayed at the event. The American Red Cross even offers a rainbow flag design as a part of their rainbow colors that are displayed on their official site.

It is important to understand that the rainbow flag is not only for gay pride. In fact, the rainbow colors are used all around the world to symbolize different causes. Because the colors are so diverse, the flag has become a unisex symbol for peace, nature, and good versus evil. No matter the reason that you are flying a flag with these bright colors, knowing that you are representing a cause that is far away can make it all the more worth it.

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