Baskets For Your Outdoor Garden

A wicker basket is a basket whose opening is made by weaving a series of reeds, grasses, or branches together. Wicker is an ancient method for creating handcrafted items woven from any of a wide variety of soft plant fibers, a general term for the objects produced by this process, and a generic term for both the objects woven together, as well as the fibers used. This article provides a simple overview of wicker baskets, their making, and the significance of the plants used.



Wicker baskets are often woven with rattan, which is a hard, palm-like vine that can be woven into a strong, durable material. The fibers of rattan are particularly sought after because of their ability to withstand all kinds of weather: rain, sleet, snow, and even the sun’s damaging rays. Many manufacturers of wicker baskets consider rattan the finest type of fiber for wicker baskets, due to its ability to look great year after year, without fading, cracking, or breaking. Additionally, this natural material is also considered to be one of the most eco-friendly materials for outdoor use, as it is not harvested in the fields and stripped from the undergrowth until it is ready to be woven.

Wiker Basket

Wicker baskets may be filled with fresh produce, or may include other items. In most cases, you will choose what you will put in your basket when you make your purchase. Plants such as vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, nuts, and vine crops make beautiful, colorful baskets; while the natural shapes and textures of branches and twigs will complement any kind of food you would like to include. These products are sold in a large variety, and there are many different looks and colors to fit the look you want. For example, if you wish to have a wicker picnic basket that is light and airy, you can find woven baskets with bright colors or those that are simply whitewashed.

If you have small children, wicker baskets and other woven baskets made from wicker should not contain any sharp objects. For instance, a baseball bat would be perfect for a basket of apples. This way, they can store their favorite snacks in the basket, which is always safe and are free of sharp edges. There are many splash storage items available to match wicker baskets and other types of woven storage items.


Unlit storage boxes will make your wicker baskets look attractive and add more value to your basket. Because wicker baskets are typically inexpensive, you will be adding more value to the product by using a splash storage box. The splash storage box will create an area for the stored items that do not get used on a daily basis. Another benefit of placing a wicker basket in a glass display case is that your wicker baskets will be protected from children and pets getting into them.

When planning your next garden party, it will be a nice touch to have some baskets made of wicker or rattan. These items will provide you with a fun activity for all ages to do. Baskets can also be a nice addition to a wicker picnic basket, or picnic hamper. Rattan baskets are ideal for storing your picnic goodies in for the next day’s picnic. Place a wicker basket on your picnic table and bring out the best picnic foods of all – cheese, crackers and fruit.

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