Choosing Between a Rifle Armor System

this article I will share some helpful survival tips for an active shooter

Rifle Armor is a vest made specifically to protect the operator of a rifle. Rifle armor is also known as bullet proof vests or soft armor. This type of vests was originally designed for law enforcement and soldiers that used firearms in a training environment. Although it can be used by anyone, it is more effective for those who have been trained to use them.

The vest is just like any other protective device, it only offers protection from bullets when a person is wearing them. Although they can stop most handguns bulletproof vests and even other types of handguns cannot stop caliber ammunition. A good quality vest can stop most handguns, although it will not stop the high velocity round tipped shotguns or the high power rifles. This is one reason to get specialized training if you are going to use a firearm, so you will be trained to use the appropriate gear and be better prepared for what might happen.

less expensive Rifle Plates that are available on the market

There are many options available to the individual if they are interested in getting this type of protective equipment. One option is a hard armor vest which is more expensive than soft armor and more difficult to fit into a specific size. If you are interested in purchasing this type of bullet proof vest, I recommend that you get one online and have it customized with your logo and company name. This will allow you to get a one of a kind hard-armored vest that you can truly be proud of.

Rifle Plates is another important piece of rifle armor system. There are different plate sizes available for different rifles, so you should first ask your sales representative which ones would work best for your gun. You will probably need to purchase several sets of Rifle Plates if you are interested in being able to defend yourself against more than one rifle shot. Most people carry between three and five rifles, depending on how many guns you currently own. For optimum protection, you should get a flexible rifle armor system that will cover you from the front, sides, and back. Some of the less expensive Rifle Plates that are available on the market will only protect you from the front.

Soft Armor or Jacket is made of a much lighter material than rifle plates

This makes it easier for you to put on and remove without having to put extra pressure on your chest. Although soft armor is more flexible, it is also more prone to ripping or tearing. If you are not going to be carrying a lot of rifles, then this may be fine for you. However, if you are going to be carrying several rifles, a hard plate is probably a better choice.

As mentioned above, the most common choice is a hard Rifle Armor System that is made of heavy-duty ballistic nylon or a more flexible soft vest. If you are debating between the two, just remember that the softer the vest, the less chance you have of puncturing your vest. The best way to test this out is to go to a shooting range and take one out. If you can still clearly see the round through the peep hole, then you have a hard vest. On the other hand, if the peep hole is blocked by the clothing, you are wearing a soft vest. No matter what, if you’re not getting shot at or you’re not worried about your vest tearing, you should stick with a hard rifle armor system so you don’t get your chest torn apart.

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