Combating Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation commonly occurs in men between the ages of fifteen and forty

It is often associated with sexual frustration and/or stress. Premature Ejaculation can be very embarrassing for men. This is especially true when it occurs in view of marriage or lovemaking relationships.

Premature ejaculation is typically caused by a combination of over sensitive glans penis(s) (usually of the superficial side), and psychological fear or anxiety during sexual encounters. Typically, premature ejaculation stems from past experiences of early ejaculation, which are often viewed as embarrassing. Overcoming premature ejaculation can be difficult, if not impossible.

Common treatment for both types includes psychotherapy, desensitization, and medications

There are two main categories of premature ejaculation; physiological and psychological subtypes. Physiological subtypes include physiological causes like high levels of testosterone, androgen, excessive prostrate secretions, and medications. Psychological subtypes include stress, anxiety, pornography use, masturbation, depression, guilt, loneliness, low self-esteem, shyness, and withdrawal.  Premature ejaculation psychotherapy can be very effective in patients dealing with physiological factors. However, the success rate for physiological treatments can often be lower than that of psychological treatments.

A recent breakthrough in treating PE has been discovered through the use of a drug free, prescription penile fluid. Doctors have found that a specific combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other plant based substances work to reverse the effects of premature ejaculation and help men control their libido. The treatment is extremely effective and has led to a huge increase in the number of men able to last longer during intercourse. The new treatment, known as a “penis nutrient formula”, has been shown to work effectively over a period of time even without the need for dosage adjustments.

Another treatment option is to combine psychological and medical approaches

It is possible that a patient’s lack of desire may be caused by physical factors. If this is the case, doctors may recommend physical therapy or surgery in order to repair or correct the underlying problem. In addition, combining psychotherapy with medication can also be an effective treatment option for premature ejaculation, as many patients have reported benefits from both approaches.

Doctors treating premature ejaculation in men have several different approaches for treating the sexual dysfunction. The latest development involves using vitamin and mineral supplements and a penile fluid supplement in order to improve overall sexual performance and boost libido. This type of combination therapy for premature ejaculation has proven extremely successful and has greatly decreased the number of premature ejaculatory cases seen each year. By using these and other safe and natural techniques, men can now enjoy a healthy sex life that will not have the long-term consequences that negative pe treatment does.

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