Four Different Types of Home Loans For Buying and Selling

For many homeowners, home loans are very important but very few actually know where to find a loan that is right for them. There are various sources from which you can avail home loans for the purchase. However, with numerous options to choose from, how do you decide what home loans are suitable for you? This is where a consultation with experts can help you understand your requirements and expectations and hence suggest you the best loan options.


Home Loans for Sale

Paragon Home Loans you can look forward to getting the best home loans for sale. Our service provides homebuyers with a comprehensive analysis of their financial situation so that they can plan out their finances well and look forward to a life of luxury. The experts here are well aware of all the options that are open to homebuyers and help them make wise decisions. At Paragon, work is never done.


Construction Loans and Mortgages

With construction loans and mortgages you can either purchase your dream home or start a new business. You can even pay off your current mortgage and live comfortably with very low-interest payments. These kinds of home loans are available from several finance companies. They analyze your present financial situation and then negotiate low-interest rates with your lender to provide you with the best possible offer.


Home Buyers’ Mortgages

We have many different types of home loans for purchase available from several finance companies. You can take out a secured home loan if you want to borrow money without offering any collateral. Or you can opt for an unsecured home loan if you do not want to risk your property by offering any collateral. These home loans for purchase also come in different types.


Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Home Loans

The federal government provides many FHA loans that help borrowers to buy a home. The borrowers who apply for these FHA loans will have to provide proof of their income and their financial condition to qualify for the loan, but because they come from a lower risk category, the FHA interest rate for home loans is much lower than that of other lenders.


Real Estate Appraisals & Property Consulting

There are many home improvement and construction companies that offer their services to potential home buyers and homeowners. When looking for home loans, these companies provide the necessary information that you need to know before applying for home loans. Appraisal reports and Comparative Market Analysis (C.M.A.) are examples of C.M.A.

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