how do you know what type of body armor to buy?

The Different Types of Body Armor

A body armor vest, as it’s sometimes called, is a very good option for people who are on the road a lot and don’t want to take the risk of getting in an accident. There are several different types of body armor vests that differ from state to state with certain restrictions based on where you live. There are other options as well, such as a personal protection device that would protect you from a shooting, but wouldn’t protect you from a gunshot. So how do you know what type of body armor to buy?


NIJ Certified – A NIJ-certified ballistic vest

will be covered by the National Institute for Security Technology (NISA). The institute is based in New York and is part of the New York State Department of Commerce. It is one of two security testing organizations in the United States that receives certification from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to the NIJ, their examinations are rigorous and tests are designed to test the body armor wearer’s ability to withstand handgun penetration. It is also important to note that only NIJ-certified body armor can be purchased by government agencies and military personnel.


Expired Body Armor Guarantee

The NIJ offers an expiration date on their jackets and vests. The expiration date will indicate which year the vest or jacket has last been worn. The armor should have the last three years of service before it is considered expired armor. If it is worn continuously, it must also pass a battery of tests conducted by NIJ. Once it is passed, the vest or jacket will be considered valid and will continue to provide protection.


Fit Guarantee

The NIJ offers a fit guarantee for their jackets and vests. When you purchase a vest, it will come with a set of standard-size ballistic panels. However, if the set of panels is too large, the company will exchange it for another size. There are some sizes available as well, making it easy for any customer to get the right fit. It is also important to note that the size of the body armor is determined by the waist size of the person wearing it. Anybody armor that does not fit properly could potentially cause harm to the user.


Rifle Threats 

Since the introduction of new technologies in weaponry, the need for protection has always increased. In fact, it has been shown that the lethality of some shooters increases when wearing body armor. For this reason, law enforcement and military personnel often ask for and use body armor that is designed to protect rifles.


Protection ratings and prices vary greatly among manufacturers

Before purchasing, it is important to make sure that you choose a high-quality product. Nij, a global governing body, rates products based on the level of protection they provide. If your body armor doesn’t have a sufficient level of Nij protection, it may not provide adequate protection to you or your family.

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