How Does Finasteride Work For BPH?

The question ‘How does finasteride work for BPH?’ is a common one among those who have this disorder. BPH or ‘Bacterial Vaginosis is an infection caused by several strains of bacteria in the digestive tract of women. Women who suffer from BPH will generally have a lot of itching around the vaginal area. This is accompanied by a very unpleasant fishy-smelling odor as well as irritation and soreness.


see a doctor

A lot of women assume that BPH is caused by too much sex or even sex with a new partner. These are both wrong. Besides the fact that BPH is caused by more than just sexual activities, there is no relation between the sexual activities of a woman and her sexual health. However, the level of intimacy with her partner might affect her state of mind and therefore her sexual health. That is why it would be best to see a doctor or a specialist if you suspect that your partner is suffering from BPH. They will prescribe a particular brand of pills, which has the capacity to cure BPH.


The pill works by blocking the production of the hormone

The way how does finasteride work for BPH? The pill works by blocking the production of the hormone called DHT. DHT is the substance that keeps hair follicles from producing hair. Since DHT is mostly produced in the body by the bacteria that you get when you are sexually active, finasteride can help in stopping the activity of harmful bacteria.


faster hair loss reduction

If you use the right brand of these pills, you will experience faster hair loss reduction. Within three months of using these pills, you will notice significant results. However, be aware that the pills can only work if your BPH is within the normal range.


impotence and erectile dysfunction

Sexual problems like impotence and erectile dysfunction can also be treated using the pills. However, you should consult your doctor before trying these medicines. He can prescribe a special mixture of natural ingredients that can aid in restoring erectile functions. On the other hand, some women have experienced successful results in using these oral medications.


male pattern hair loss

Finasteride is usually prescribed for men who suffer from male pattern hair loss. However, it can also work for women who are suffering from female pattern baldness. However, this should not be treated as a sole remedy. It is highly recommended that both men and women should use sexual remedies together with finasteride. It will surely provide optimum results when taken properly.

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