How to Choose the Right Glasses Frame for Your Eyes

Are you one of the growing number of people looking for a way to eliminate blue light from their eyes? Well, I can empathize with your quest to find something that will lessen the visibility of your discolored lenses. I also have some information that will help you determine what brand of anti-blue light eyeglasses or contact lens that you need. But first, let me tell you why you are starting to experience the annoying problem of having “yellow” tinted lenses. So let me first explain how the human eye works.


Most of us do not know that we are using only two sets of colored eyes, which are red and green. We also know that the dominant color in our eyes is yellow. Anyway, most of us already have an understanding of how these colors mix and match up with each other. What happens is that our eyes will take the incoming red light and green light and convert them to green and yellow respectively. After some time, our yellow lenses will fade away until there is just a little bit of red left in them.


That is why when you try to use corrective lenses to fix the problem, you see those tiny bits of red and yellow. That is exactly what happens when you expose your eyes to too much blue light. This is why it is better to prevent blue light from entering your eyes by wearing anti-blue light glasses.


the effect of too much blue light is called Trivex

There are also other brands of eyewear that will help you correct your vision. Among the brands that are available in the market today, you should choose Metrologic, Acuvue, Ray-Ban, and Biofinity. They are all made to improve your vision. Some glasses frames are made with anti-red light, while some of them are designed to reduce the blue light.


choose something more durable

Your choice will also depend on how sensitive your eyes are. If you tend to be sensitive to blue, then you might want to choose something more durable. This way, they will not easily wear out.


go for translucent contact lenses

If you have perfectly good vision, you can go for translucent contact lenses. You will not see any trace of red and yellow. Just be sure that the contacts fit well and are comfortable for your eyes. That is why it is better to choose ones that are more durable before buying contact lenses.

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