Learning How to Become a Certified Locksmith

Accredited Locksmiths in Prescott will ensure your home or business is secure. They are considered professionals with professional certification. Professionals with their great skills will give you the assurance that you have someone to turn to when you have lost your key, locked the keys in the car, or had some other emergency. When choosing an Accredited Locksmith you can be sure your safety is in good hands.


provide quality locksmithing service

Accredited Locksmiths continues to grow to provide quality locksmithing service to the surrounding community and more specifically to Prescott and the surrounding area. Giving excellent quality and fast and accurate service means a good experience both for the client and great craftsmanship on their end. Accredited Locksmiths by Arizona is part of the growth of a local locksmith industry that continues to offer the best in services and professionalism to its customers. With the growth comes the growing number of choices in locksmiths from which to choose. This is where Accredited Locksmiths Arizona steps in to take your call.


choose an Accredited Locksmith

There are many reasons why people would choose an Accredited Locksmith rather than a regular licensed locksmith. The first one of those reasons would be because Accredited Locksmiths in Arizona are state-licensed locksmiths who pass all the necessary background checks to ensure they are legally able to provide locksmith services in Arizona. Secondly, there are not as many states out there that require locksmith training to become a registered professional with the state before one can work as a locksmith. To be able to become licensed, you must work as an apprentice for a minimum of two years in a licensed locksmith’s office. This apprenticeship also provides the locksmith with the opportunity to go through courses that provide them with more information on how to provide locksmith services.


start working as a locksmith in Arizona

One first needs to have a locksmith license. This will require the completion of a standard training program provided by the Arizona Corporation for Insurance and Security (ACCIS). Once you have your license, you are now eligible to take the qualifying exams to become an Accredited Locksmith in Arizona. There are many states and other countries around the world that require locksmiths to have their licenses and even to take a qualifying exam to work as a licensed locksmith.


training provided by the ACCIS

If you choose to go through the training provided by the ACCIS, you will study both the theoretical and the practical portions of locksmith training. The theory portion of the training focuses on both the building codes as well as the business regulations about locksmiths. The practical portion of the training course focuses on how to operate different types of locks and will also help you understand how to safely operate the various types of equipment that locksmiths use. If you decide to start your own locksmith business, after you have completed the locksmith training course you can go about doing your business.


run a locksmith business

Aside from having a valid license, you need to be bonded. This is a requirement by most states and other countries before you can start working as a licensed locksmith. Aside from that, you must have all the other requirements that are required to start working as a locksmith in Arizona before you will be issued your first set of keys and you can already call yourself a licensed locksmith.

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