Prescription Glasses For Visual Clarity

Prescription glass is the most requested improvement

The Explorer program from current Glass users, he claimed. Anyone who has ever been through the experience of receiving a prescription Glass will know how long and drawn out the process is. It can take weeks before your new prescription is ready and in some cases, even longer, depending on the information that you submitted. This is frustrating and makes you feel like you are just dealing with a big company who wants to profit from you, rather than the simple process of receiving eyeglasses. With all of the hype around prescription glass, one would assume that the quality of the product is relatively high but there are so many suppliers and manufacturers competing against each other that it is very difficult to tell which one is providing you with the best service and best product. The Glass Experts have done the hard work of analysing the market and have discovered a few important things that you should know when considering buying prescription glass.

Firstly, you are not going to see any significant price benefits just yet. Prescription glass frames will be more expensive than standard non-prescription glasses frames because they incorporate vision correction features which require an expert eye care professional to fit them correctly. This may cost you an eye test or a visit to an optician before you receive your prescription glass frame. However, this fee is not worth it because of the benefits that you will receive in return.

The following are the top three benefits of ordering prescription glasses frames:

Bifocal lenses: One of the biggest trends in eyewear today is the introduction of bifocal lenses, also known as trifocal lenses. These lenses allow you to read either one or two books at a time without having to switch from reading to reading again. Bifocal lenses are an improvement on today’s glasses and are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Some bifocal glasses even incorporate a computer into the design so you can use the computer as a reference while you read.

Rimless Glasses: Rimless glasses are another popular trend in eyewear. Rimless glasses are considered the “ideal” of all glass lenses because there is virtually no eye fatigue associated with them, they are very thin and do not produce a significant amount of glare. The biggest disadvantage of rimless glasses is that they tend to give off a reflection effect because the rim of the lens material tends to slightly extend beyond the center of the lens, which can cause eye fatigue if you are focusing on a nearby object.

Computer Glasses: Computer glasses were inspired by the design of prescription sunglasses. After trying several different models and designs, Microsoft executives finally realized that the prescription sunglasses could be adapted for computer glasses by fitting them with a track ball lens that was removable. After that discovery, computer glasses began to gain a reputation as being the ideal eyewear for computer workers. However, some computer glasses can actually cause eye fatigue because the light coming through them is limited when compared to sunglasses, and there is a tendency for the light to reflect off the computer monitor screen and bounce into the eyes of the wearer.

Safety Glasses: There are also many safety glasses on the market today that are designed for the specific task of safety. There are two main safety glasses – solid-state and laminated-glass safety glasses. Laminated safety glasses are made with an ultra-light, shatterproof, laminated polycarbonate lens. This type of lens is available in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and designs to match just about any eye color.

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