the common side effects of wearing Contact Lenses

Common Side Effects of Wearing Contact Lenses

Switching to contact lenses instead of glasses might be an easy solution for those who want to remove their glasses. However, do you really want to give up contact lens wear completely? Sure, contact lenses may initially present few issues, but the truth is that they might cause more problems in the long run. As your eyes gradually adjust to the new contact lens material and get used to having less visual distortion, the eye will slowly start to get used to the changes. Yes, contact lens wear can sometimes lead to headaches, but switching to contacts may be a big mistake for some folks.


One issue to consider

is the fact that you will experience reduced oxygen permeability. Your eyes are designed to allow a certain amount of oxygen to enter and exit the cornea. In most cases, the oxygen permeability decreases as you age. While it is impossible to reverse the aging process, you can counter this problem with the right kind of lenses.


Another issue that you will experience

if you never put on contacts is dry eyes. You don’t want to put your contacts in very close proximity of your eyes. To get rid of dry eyes, you need to use a lubricant lotion before putting it on your contacts. Some people might not find that sufficient, while others swear by the fact that they get better vision after using a lubricant lotion before putting on contacts. Even if you never put contacts in very close proximity of your eyes, you should still use a lubricant to minimize dry eyes.


A third issue that can arise

if you never put on contacts is an eye infection. While contacts will help to minimize the risk of contact lens-related eye infections, you do not want to overlook the potential for bacterial infections of the eye itself. Bacteria known as Acanthamoeba does not respect a certain pH level. It thrives in slight alkalinity, making it extremely difficult to prevent this eye infection. If you ever have a bacterial infection of the eye, you will have to contact your doctor immediately to start treatment.


Finally, the last issue to address relates to convenience

Switching to lenses when you have dry eyes is something that you will always be able to do. The lenses are fresh, so you won’t have to make multiple trips to the eye doctor. You don’t have to worry about applying eye drops or taking a fresh pair of contacts in for cleaning. Simply swap your old lenses in for a fresh pair of lenses whenever you start to experience problems with your eyes.


Switching to contact lenses

is definitely a positive step towards a better vision. However, you do need to be aware of the various issues related to wearing such lenses and understand how they relate to your particular situation. In addition to the risk of unusual side effects, it is also important to remember that new contact lenses only work for a limited period of time. Therefore, you should only wear the lenses for the period recommended by your doctor and change them as soon as their effect wanes.

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