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The Uses of Geothermal Pumps for Renewable Energy Sources

Energy is the power to create or do work. Work is the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy, or in other words, move stuff. In such a system, the energy will be conserved if the system has no energy. Conserving energy means that work is being done and the potential of energy is not being used up. This in turn will allow the energy to be stored in some sort of energy bank.


There are three major categories of energy: kinetic energy, which is energy converted to move stuff, thermal energy that are energy used to do work with heat and potential energy which is what gives you energy. Kinetic energy is simply the motion energy that a body has, while thermal energy is energy that is lost through friction, collisions or movement. Potential energy is also referred to as electrical energy. By combining these three forms of energy one can create energy known as electricity.

Now let’s consider the use of this energy. If there is a way to store this energy and convert it into usable energy then the savings on fuel would be enormous, to the tune of millions of dollars per year. One could run their entire home on this stored energy potential energy. And, since the sun emits electromagnetic radiation in all its glory (the visible light), this would be the most readily available source for the conversion. So where does one begin?


The two primary sources of nonrenewable energy sources are fossil fuels and nuclear fission. Fossil fuel can be replaced, but in the long run these sources are a nonrenewable resource. One problem, however, is that these fossil fuels are highly carbon dioxide emitting. This in turn contributes to global warming.

Another option is to use alternative energy sources. One such method is to use solar energy which by itself is considered to be a renewable energy. However, if this source is combined with wind power or another form of energy it can become an even more renewable source of energy. In fact, using only solar energy is a good way to go. One just needs to make sure that the sun is shining in the area in which they live in order to collect the energy generated.


Yet another type of renewable energy sources is by means of the grinding of grain. Grinding of grain is a great example of using heat from the earth to make something useful. What many people don’t know about this type of energy is that the temperature can actually be used as a lever to generate mechanical energy. Now that one has a better understanding of the uses energy of geothermal pump, it is time to learn more about the technology itself.

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