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Tips For Energy Efficiency – Save Big Bucks on Electricity Bills!

There are many ways you can save energy and lower your utility bill. You just need to know the tips and tricks to conserve energy efficiently. You can cut your consumption in half within five years by following these tips. Here they are:


Don’t waste electricity. There are two schools of thought when it comes to reducing your electrical consumption at home: those who believe in saving energy and those who don’t. Those who don’t want to waste electricity consider that by not running appliances which consume too much electricity, you are only increasing your monthly energy bill. This is true because if you don’t use any energy at all, the electric company will still charge you for the usage. But by running energy-saving appliances like energy star appliances, you are effectively reducing your monthly bill. Energy conservation means not using unneeded energy, including unplugged electronics when not in usage, and also reducing your daily consumption of electric water, heating oil, and electric blankets while not actually using them.

Use natural gas instead of electric heat. Instead of running your air conditioning system or heating system, install an efficient heating or cooling system that uses natural gas. The government offers rebates and tax credits for those who choose to use natural gas in their HVAC system, so it may be a good idea to replace your old air conditioning system with one that runs on natural gas.


Reduce your home’s outdoor lighting. Reduce your outdoor light consumption by dimming your outdoor lights at night and adjusting your thermostat during warmer weather. This will keep your utility bills down. In addition, if you use motion sensor lighting to illuminate your yard or to light your house from the garage or outside, these can also help you save on your energy usage. You may want to install motion sensor lighting around the exterior of your house if you have well-lit doors and windows, so that the light does not turn on and off unnecessarily.

Use Dishwasher Energy Efficiently. A dishwasher that uses low energy to run and is environmentally friendly is a smart choice for your family. Dishwashers draw a lot of energy, especially in the areas where there is a lot of clay soil. These types of dishes generate a lot of hot water, which can use up more energy than a dishwasher that has smaller sized parts. So, it is recommended that you use a dishwasher that has high BTUs in the small areas where it generates the most water and use less energy in the larger areas where it does not.


Switch to a Low voltage Stereo System. If you enjoy listening to music through portable devices like iPods and MP3 players, but do not need much sound, then you can easily find good quality speakers that have been rated according to energy efficiency. You can also check out the energy star rating and compare them side by side. Most consumers prefer the standby mode when they have a lot of portable devices that they want to keep on vibrating while they are driving. Switch to standby mode when there are no other options available to you.

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