Top 7 Reddit Features

The Top 7 Reddit Features You Probably Never Even Thought Of

Reddit features an eclectic collection of communities and sub-communities, each devoted to a particular interest or subject. The latest addition to Reddit’s stable of communities is the Subredditors, who are an active group that help each other out by helping to build, develop, and promote specific interests within Reddit. Reddit boasts over 750 million users at present, making it one of the biggest sites on the web today. Reddit features a “reddiquette” section that clarifies how user behavior can be rewarded (or penalized) within the site. This section is also instrumental in helping to weed out users who will simply waste bandwidth and ruin the overall experience.


One of Reddit’s most useful features is its “submission” system.

Submission is essentially the act of putting something into the Reddit ecosystem – be it a link to a blog post, a video, or a comment. Anyone can then update or downvote on the item, which then gets displayed on the front page of Reddit. Anything on the front page is highly valuable to internet users who need to see new content, so it’s no wonder that this is one of the top ways that internet marketers use the reddiquette system to their advantage.


Another feature that is incredibly helpful to anyone using Reddit

as a social networking tool is its “subscribe” function. Basically, when you subscribe to a particular community on Reddit, you are essentially agreeing to be part of that community. When you subscribe, you are agreeing to be a part of the specific content on that particular forum. You can opt-out of being part of any community at any time, should you feel like exercising your rights as a member of the site. That way, you always know exactly where your traffic is coming from and can mark it down accordingly.


There are some certain “rumbling” communities on Reddit

that are used for more than one purpose. Take, for instance, the “rate root” community. These are actual communities that have actual rate root posts attached to them. It’s basically a way for editors to create a conversation on anything they’re interested in, and vote on it accordingly. It can be a very handy tool if you have an interest in a specific area and don’t have any ready-made answers to common questions.


Plum is another fantastic use of this feature

Plum is a question/answer type of website and one that is particularly well suited to Reddit. Basically, a creditor will type in a question, and a bunch of people (sometimes hundreds) will instantly answer it, forming a consensus. The way it works is that there are usually many other people, and other websites, who have already weighed in with their own two cents on the subject, which makes the responses all flow together into a coherent piece of content.


Reddit is still relatively new

and a lot of the users still don’t understand how everything works. But the more experienced editors are quickly discovering how to use all the features to create truly impressive websites. The best part is, you don’t have to be an experienced website designer to make use of all these features. All you need is a basic knowledge of CSS, a bit of imagination, and the willingness to use your imagination. Once you learn how to use some of these tools, you’ll soon find yourself building one amazing website after another.

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