why we need to wear sunglasses?

The Benefits Of Wearing Sunglasses

The benefits of wearing sunglasses relate directly to those timeless but very useful sayings passed down from one generation to another. “Don’t try to look smart, just try to look stylish” is a line that’s been around forever and refers to the need to balance smartness with being fashionable. “The right combination of hair and hat is key” is another saying that has stood the test of time and is true yet again with sunglasses. Keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest when it comes to sun-protecting lenses is a smart move when it comes to making a fashion statement.

The ability to block out the sunlight

is necessary for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. Protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun not only saves you from eye injury but also ensures that you’ll have enough time on your hands to pursue other activities without the need to stop and suffer vision damage resulting from UV rays. However, the right pair of sunglasses can also play a major factor in preserving your eyesight through the years.

Some sunglasses are specifically designed

to filter out the sun’s harmful UV rays while others are designed to provide you with an entirely different set of protection. Some sunglasses will allow filtered light to pass through while others will completely block out all but the most intense sun rays. The third variety of lenses provides an extra level of protection beyond simply filtering out UV rays. The lens functions as a magnifier and magnifies objects in the immediate scene by magnifying the light coming through the eyewear.

As we age our bodies naturally slow down

and our vision ages along with it. As we age, the muscles in the back of our eyes contract more than the muscles in our forehead or between our eyes, which means that even someone who uses a strong prescription such as a sunglass may not always be able to see clearly at night. Even in good light conditions our eyes age quicker than our skin, which explains why people often complain about having morning headaches when wearing their shades. Those same muscles contract to give the skin around our eyes the appearance of aging faster than it does our other skin parts. Therefore, if you want to reduce your likelihood of getting morning headaches when wearing your sunglasses make sure that your sunglasses fit well and don’t slip.

Another of the primary benefits of wearing sunglasses

is the reduction of UV radiation exposure. It has been established that the average UVA concentration in the outdoor environment is over one hundred times greater than what is absorbed through natural human spectacles. UVA rays are especially damaging to our eyes because they are high-frequency ultraviolet rays. High frequency refers to those rays which are infrared, which our eyes cannot prevent from entering our body through the skin, or being re-radiated from the ground into our face.

Studies have shown that those who regularly wear corrective lenses

experience much more severe eye health problems than those who do not. This is because the eyes are more susceptible to damage from bright sunlight and UV rays. After all, we cannot block all the UV rays from entering our face and entering the eye through our eyelids. Some lenses completely solve this problem by using a substance called Nano Crystal. This lens works by blocking all but a very small amount of UV rays, making for crystal clear vision regardless of whether you are outdoors or indoors.

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