Woven Fabric National Flag – What You Need to Know About Its Proper Display

flag in the sunshine

When we are viewing a flag in the sunshine, it doesn’t necessarily look like the Red, White, Blue or Red State of Texas. Instead, it can be an extremely diverse range of colors depending on the backdrop in which it is set. For instance, a state flag that is flying at half mast in front of a building can be blue and have the state seal on it. This particular design is referred to as a “symbol of advance”. Often when viewing this flag, you may notice that there are several smaller-sized flags, which have what is referred to as the state seal in their flag. These smaller-sized flags are known as “blue pennants”, which are actually pennies with the state seal on them.

While viewing a flag at half mast, a more contemporary flag should be seen in the same manner. The United States flag should have a blue field with white stars to signify the union of states, whether they be counties states or other nations. In the union of the states, if you look at the white star closest to the union, it will be the state of Massachusetts. If you look at the stars, you will see that they are arranged in a pattern which looks like the point of a compass, which is exactly how they were arranged in the map of the United States when the Revolutionary War was fought.

Honor the Flag

A half-staff flag flown at half mast is considered to be in honor of the armed forces. This does not, however, mean that the Union Jack on the flag is to be removed. The union is considered to be part of the historical heritage of the United States. The Stars and Stripes, as well as the Old England flag are all flown at half-staff at the funeral services of military members. Of course, no matter what happens at the funeral service, the flag should be flown at half-staff at the government building where the funeral is being held.

There is a time for honoring the armed forces and there is a time for mourning. The U.S. flag is a symbol of those two very important times in our nation’s history. The flag can never be made into anything other than the color blue. It can never represent any other nation or people. It is just a simple, basic emblem that tells the world that this is a national unit, under the authority of a national government, that is loyal to the United States of America.

Properly Displayed

The most important factor in the proper display of the U.S. flag is that it must be correctly displayed. When the flag is improperly displayed, confusion can result. This often occurs when the flag is displayed upside down.

Properly Flown – The flag must be flown properly for whatever reason it is being displayed. If it is a flag flown for battle, such as an American flag during a battle, then the flag flown is usually the red flag. On the other hand, if the U.S. flag is flown for purposes of identification, such as with the American Red Cross, then the flag flown is the Stars and Stripes.

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